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Armani's Sustainable Cotton Experiment Begins

Luxury fashion house Armani Group has embarked on an innovative venture by establishing an experimental agroforestry plantation in southern Italy, aimed at exploring new methods for sustainable cotton production. The initiative involves the cultivation of cotton on one hectare of land in the Apulia region, with plans to expand it to five hectares.

Agroforestry, a land-use system integrating trees within and around crop and pasture areas, serves as the foundation for this project. Armani intends to conduct field experiments for five years, utilizing alternative tree species and regenerative practices, making it one of Europe's pioneering endeavors in agroforestry cotton production.

The endeavor is a collaborative effort involving the Sustainable Markets Initiative's Fashion Task Force and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance, both established by Britain's King Charles during his tenure as the Prince of Wales, according to Armani Group.

Sustainability has gained significant traction within the fashion industry this year. Armani, along with brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent under Kering, has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while EU governments have agreed upon a ban on the disposal of unsold textiles.


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