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Bangladesh apparel exports to Germany up by 7.5%

During fiscal 2017-18, Bangladesh’s apparel export to Germany amounted to US $5.89 billion – a major surge of over 7.5 per cent gain. Bangladesh fetched over 16 per cent of its total apparel export revenue from Germany during the period.

The main exported item was knitwear products which fetched US $3.2 billion, followed chronologically by woven garments at over US $2.3 billion, and home textiles at US $83 million.

During the July-January 2019 period, Bangladesh’s apparel exports to Germany amounted to US $3.51 billion – an increase of 9.6 per cent from the same time previous year.

Knitwear fetched US $2.03 billion and woven garment US $1.48 billion. During the same period previous year, knitwear fetched US $1.9 billion and woven US $1.3 billion.