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Bangladesh denim makers to make eco-friendly products

Bangladesh’s denim industry has taken to eco-friendly ways. They are taking measures to produce sustainable denim, applying methods and means to conserve energy and natural resources. The green system will help cut use of water by 92 per cent and energy by 30 per cent to produce a pair of jeans compared to conventional methods, according to textile experts. As per the new system, less chemicals are used, it helps avoid wastage of water, reduces carbon emission, and encourages use of recyclable raw materials. Moreover, cotton waste is reduced by up to 87 percent, thus easing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases generated through the burning of cotton.

In traditional methods, production of 60 degree heat is required and in sustainable method it can be done with 40 degree, says Shahidul Hasan, Director of Amber De. Also, Use of less water and chemicals will ultimately protect the environment. Chemicals and technology, which consumes less water and electricity to generate steams is being used now.

Mustafiz Uddin, Managing Director, Denim Expert, says environmental cause was becoming a major issue in the world. Thus, buyers are getting more attracted to green products and are ready to pay higher for products manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. Also, the Denim Expo to be held in November this year would be broadly discussing the newly introduced term ‘sustainable denim’ to encourage industry people to go on with the system.