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BlockTexx creates new technology to recycle polyester and cotton

Australian start-up BlockTexx teamed up with The Queensland University of Technology to create a technology to separate polyester and cotton materials such as clothes, sheets and towels of any color or condition. The innovative process yields ‘high value’ raw materials of polyethylene (PET) and cellulose suitable for ‘all industries’.

The recovered PET is polymerised to create virgin-quality “S.O.F.T.” branded rPET plastic pellets and polyester fibre. These may be used in textiles, packaging as well as building products. The recovered cellulose is processed to create cellulose powder that may serve textiles, pharmaceutical and food applications.

BlockTexx aims to recycle and reuse more than 10 000 tonnes of polyester and cotton from Australian post-consumer garments each year. This could reduce CO2 emissions by over 15 000 tonne. Also, the BlockTexx method could reduce the energy used in production by over 50 per cent.