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Bring cotton back in denim, say consumers

So far blue jeans have been mainly about cotton. As cotton has been the essential fibre material for blue jeans. And consumers loved what they were wearing.  But now that looks set to change. As the prices of cotton fiber have reached a record high three years ago, some brands and manufacturers sought to cut costs by diluting the cotton content with higher percentages of manmade fibers. And consumers reacted adversely. For one, they felt the longevity of denim would be reduced.

A recent study found consumers are willing to pay a little extra to get more cotton back into their jeans. US consumers own an average of seven denim items and wear jeans at least four days a week. Now, two-thirds of consumers are bothered by the reduction of cotton in their jeans.

Denim is a woven fabric commonly made with a blue cotton warp yarn and a white cotton filling yarn. The complex pattern in the fabric is referred to as twill weave and it’s caused by finely interwoven yarns. The white cotton filling yarns run the width of the fabric and interlace at 90 degree angles with the blue cotton warp yarns, which also run the length of the fabric, and so produce the fine lines seen on the denim.