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British brands showcase appeal

For British brands the US market is an absolutely critical one.

Walpole, an alliance of British luxury brands, celebrated a British luxury inaugural trade delegation to the US last week. It aimed to highlight the best of British luxury in order to support the global expansion of British brands, deepen critical relationships in the US market and encourage the US to purchase more British luxury goods.

The alliance pointed out that there is something authentic about the timelessness of British luxury and craftsmanship and that the experience of being in a hotel like Claridge’s, or in a Bentley, or when drinking an English sparkling wine can’t be reproduced. The special emotional connect was stressed. Keen storytelling and branding are the main points of differentiation for British brands to capitalize on.

Due to the current, complex political climate Brexit has made Britain look like an inward-looking nation. But Britain has a very long history of looking out to the rest of the world for incredible ideas to show off its point of view.

There is a sense of uncertainty in the world and business doesn’t like uncertainty. But the context of luxury in an otherwise uncertain world is especially compelling. And the heritage of Britishness has a very stable and timeless quality and appeal.