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CHIC 2017 welcomes with 850 exhibitors from 20 foreign nations

CHIC Autumn welcomes around 850 exhibitors there of around 400 from 20 foreign nations and regions at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. CHIC offers the most important platform in the fashion business and enables international fashion brands to experience face-to-face discussions in order to explore the chances of exporting to China. The immense consumer market with over 1.3 billion people is worth to be discovered and to be dealt with. Whilst China is the world’s largest driver of luxury market growths there is growing space to be opened for premium and medium fashion brands from Europe. Besides the big tier 1 metropolises Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, there are many more cities with enormous capacities of shopping malls. Not to mention the unprecedented growth of China´s online retail market.

As a result of increased environmental awareness and more stringent general requirements imposed by environmental legislation, China National Textile and Apparel Council together with China National Garment Association have created this new area entirely dedicated to sustainability. Besides fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, Puma also the food sector with Coca Cola and some other international big companies is represented. Oeko-Tex explains its ecological standards, pre-supplier Lenzing and also the car industry with Tesla will be showing up. From Germany the fashion retail company C&A will give insights into its environmental efforts and the Hohenstein Institute is also going to present their work in this area.Cashmere specialist FTC Cashmere, will also join this area and demonstrate their corporate concept of combining social responsibility and goat breeding. Their exemplary production is based on pure ecological terms. FTC has built a Cashmere goat breeding farm in Shanxi province, China.

Around 20 nations will be participating. Among them will be a pavilion from PREVIEW IN CHINA from South Korea. Furthermore, strong and traditional joint participations will be created by France and Italy.