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China declines negotiation offer after additional tariffs by US

As per reports, levying of additional tariffs by President Donald Trump on Chinese products has prompted the Chinese government to decline the offer of talks. Chinese and American officials have held a series of talks over the dispute, and reached at least one agreement which was subsequently abandoned by the President. The lack of progress and collapse of that deal have made future negotiations more difficult, as it’s unclear who speaks for the US administration and there’s a lack of confidence that any deal will be honored.

It isn’t prepared to negotiate with a “gun pointed to its head. The Chinese officials are also considering potential retaliation steps and has already detailed thousands of U.S. items that it would levy extra tariffs on if the $200 billion threat is carried out.

Some Chinese officials advising the leadership are proposing to step up the trade fight a notch by restricting China’s sales of materials, equipment and other parts key to US manufacturers’ supply chains. Such restrictions could even apply to Apple Inc.’s iPhones, which are assembled in the mainland.