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China to invest in Tanzania textile plants

China has a plan to invest in cotton ginneries in Tanzania. The investment plan includes construction of cotton processing factories in the Shinyanga region with the view to adding value to improve farmers’ earnings and creating an estimated 30,000 new jobs.Seven cotton factories will be built that will include cotton processingfactories, textile factories, and factories for packaging materials. Chinese investors would also help increase productivity in the region by introducing new technology as well as seeds from China. 

Currently farmers in the region are producing 400 kg of cotton

per hectare, whereas in China farmers produce four tons of cotton by
cultivating on the same size of land. Chinese industries require new markets for their products and Africa is a potentially enormous outlet. Chinese clothing, jewelry, electronics, even matches, tea bags have flooded cities, towns and villages in Africa. African consumers like Chinese products because they are affordable. China on its part sees Africa as a strong source of raw material supplies.


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