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Chinese fashion icons team up with Canopy for forest protection


In a significant move to mark the Lunar New Year, three prominent Chinese fashion conglomerates, representing a total of eight brands, have joined forces with Canopy, a leading environmental nonprofit. Their collaboration aims to safeguard critical forests by excluding them from their viscose and paper packaging supply chains. Additionally, these companies are prioritizing the adoption of circular and environmentally-friendly alternatives, signaling a paradigm shift in the industry.

ELLASSAY Group, a multi-brand fashion entity, sports apparel brand Engine Bird, and sock company Happywool are among the brands committing to protect Ancient and Endangered Forests. Their decision aligns them with over 500 global fashion brands, including industry giants like Stella McCartney and Uniqlo, in supporting Canopy's initiatives.

The fashion industry's reliance on Man-Made Cellulosic Fibre (MMCF)-based materials and paper packaging has led to the logging of over 3.4 billion trees annually, endangering crucial ecosystems worldwide. As China dominates clothing manufacturing and consumption, the pledge by these Chinese brands sets a compelling precedent against forest degradation.

Nicole Rycroft, Founder and Executive Director of Canopy, expressed delight in welcoming these Chinese companies, emphasizing the symbolism of the Lunar Year of the Wood Dragon, synonymous with vitality and creativity. Their proactive stance reflects a commitment to preserving forests, biodiversity, and combating climate change.

Alan Xia, Founder & Chairman of ELLASSAY Group, highlighted their dedication to sustainability and protecting biodiversity. He emphasized their ambition to lead China's fashion industry towards a more sustainable future.

The signatories not only vow to source textiles and packaging responsibly but also collaborate with Canopy to promote NextGen materials derived from recycled clothing and agricultural residues. These materials offer a sustainable alternative while preserving forests, reducing water usage, and fostering green employment opportunities.

China's support for NextGen viscose and packaging production underscores its potential to spearhead global sustainability efforts. Government initiatives and market incentives are already driving the adoption of circular practices within the fashion supply chain.

With the addition of these Chinese companies, Canopy's initiatives now encompass 555 brand partners with a collective annual revenue of 1.05 trillion USD under CanopyStyle, and 427 brands generating over 236 billion USD annually under Pack4Good. This collaboration marks a crucial step towards a more sustainable and forest-friendly fashion industry.


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