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Coats launches new app Coats Synthesizer


Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread company, has launched a unique app known as Coats Synthesizer. The app features a yarn blend calculator which accurately predicts, within seconds, fabric properties for end-use in the personal protection sector.

The tool enables Coats to support its customers' tailored needs while also saving on the resource of multiple sampling processes. It is a bespoke tool that blends yarns virtually using algorithms. The sophisticated blend predictor technology provides information on essential fabric properties such as burn protection, abrasion resistance and ATPV (arc thermal protective value). It also allows yarn costs to be optimized in real time. The app will enable Coats to collaborate with its customers on the development of new and innovative blends together. Following the initial blend prediction and sampling done digitally, it is just fine tuning that is required at the physical development stage. This significantly increases the speed of delivery of products that meet customer needs without extensive trials or sampling.

Coats Synthesizer also provides a series of advanced solutions with added quality and value for protective wear. These include the Coats FlamePro™ product range of flame-resistant, electric arc and cut-resistant yarns which deliver optimum heat, fire and smelting hazard protection for use in the personal protection, military and industrial sectors.