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Cosmopolitan Dubai attracting global and regional fashion brands

The retail market in the UAE is attracting many foreign investments from leading brands such as Dolce and Gabbana and high profile fashion leaders such as Vogue Arabia. And it’s not just international trends that are making their mark in the UAE, a rise in modest clothing, which caters to the demand of women in the Middle East who like to dress modestly with style is also seeing a surge. Clothing such as the abaya and jilbab are featured on catwalks from around the world.

Modest fashion was specifically designed to help Muslim women in dressing in accordance to their faith whilst still expressing their preferences in style. However, the market has now diversified as more and more fashion labels are catering to the niche sector and by doing so, are further propelling the UAE as a major player in innovative fashion.

Increasing number of Emirati designers are creating innovative designs to keep up with growing demand for more variety. For too long, consumers who want to buy fashion online in the Middle East have suffered from a lack of variety. Online shopping platform Noon hopes to provide a real sense of varied fashion for customers shopping online.