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Cotton preferred to synthetics

Over the years, the outdoor market has become loaded with synthetic apparel, which shed tiny microfibers during laundering.
These tiny plastic fibers travel to waterways and end up in the fish people eat and the tap water they drink.

Companies are making eco-friendly apparel products made with natural fibers like cotton. While they are promoting sustainability they are also reducing the impacts of the industry’s products and processes.

Compared to synthetics like polyester and nylon, cotton active wear is considered to be more comfortable, versatile, sustainable, breathable and reliable.

Consumers love the natural feel of cotton. Most exercisers prefer cotton and cotton blended fibers. Trailing by a wide margin are polyester or recycled polyester, other synthetics like microfiber and rayon fibers, including viscose and Tencel.

Consumers like pulling on their active wear for things like hanging out at home, running errands, doing yard work, shopping or even sleeping. They are seeking out abrasion resistant technology in their active wear.

Consumers are also looking for active wear that is odor resistant, water repellent or has anti-microbial features. They seek out durability enhancement technology in their active wear. Those younger than 35 are significantly more likely than their older counterparts to do so.