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Denim producers rely on Monforts

Weavers and denim producers and finishers rely on Monforts’ sanforising and finishing equipment in production facilities. Calik Denim’s new Circular 100 fabric range features Lycra dualFX technology to create a better alternative to traditional jeans leggings fabric. The specific fabric construction of Circular 100 – suitable for athleisure in addition to jeans – has been developed to create a unique silky and soft touch inside, while offering elasticity and flexibility for increased comfort.

With sustainability high on the agenda for denim fabric manufacturers, Japanese washi paper is the latest natural fiber option now being employed in weft yarns for denim by Hong Kong’s Mou Fung. Kozo, a type of mulberry, is the most commonly used fiber in making washi paper. The fabric has a great dry hand feel and streaky effect that highlights the paper content. It has an unique denim look and the jeans are completely washable and highly durable. With two Montex stenters and two Monforts sanforizers at its plant in China, Mou Fung has been successfully producing high quality denim since 1970.

Belgian company Bainisha has introduced the concept of sensor-containing, body-monitoring smart jeans. The jeans contain a self-adhesive sensor at the knee, attached by a textile cable connector to a transmitter in the pocket, all of which is totally unobtrusive, and from which considerable data can be obtained.