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Digital’s printing in textiles is the way forward

Digital printing is the solution and the answer to reducing the impact of textiles on the environment through water consumption reduction, Co2 emission, reduction and less energy demand. Textiles consume resources and have a very high impact on the environment. Companies are developing processes to reduce the environmental impact through high quality and performance inks.

Digital printing is a more ethical and sustainable alternative to conventional printing methods. It is also the future for textiles combined with a more conscious perception of production. There are many companies now more conscious about this problem. Many digital ink manufacturing companies are asking for more and more certifications of product and process.

Global brands in fashion and sportswear have become very sensitive about this aspect and they are pushing their suppliers to develop sustainable solutions to fulfil their target without compromising on quality. Today consumers are more conscious about this subject, and they address their choice towards products that they trust on how they are made and they ask for more responsibly produced products.

This aspect is even more important in Europe, North Africa, India, South America where there are limited natural resources, like water, which can be used for a higher scope.