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DyStar opens labs across Asia

DyStar will open more Texanlab offices across South Asia to provide end-to-end solutions throughout the whole supply chain. These are: ISO 17025 certified, specialised testing laboratories. DyStar provides colorants, specialty chemicals and services to the textile industry. The company has a strategy for reducing its production footprint by 20 per cent for every ton of production by 2020. This goal relates to resources used for production, such as energy, water and raw materials, in addition to addressing the subsequent outputs of greenhouse gas emissions, waste and wastewater.

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are, however, not at the stage DyStar had targeted due to the impact of three newly acquired production sites. The company has undertaken intensive efforts to ensure that its less efficient acquisitions are supported to align with the rest of the company.

The company’s product portfolio is broader than ever but the newer product ranges come with the added advantage of being, on an average, less resource intensive to manufacture. This and other factors, including active efforts to improve operational efficiency across existing production sites, have helped the company surpass four of its six 2020 targets. The aim is to be a responsible supplier and a profitable business in these changing times.