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EDANA unveils nonwovens applications in Geotextiles

EDANA, the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries has launched the first two of a series info-graphics, publically available on its website. These show the application of nonwovens in the areas of geotextiles and agriculture applications. According to EDANA, around 750 km of geotextiles nonwovens are manufactured and sold annually, 60 per cent of which are used in the construction of roads. However, if all new roads in EU were built with nonwovens, instead of gravel, the savings in CO2 equivalents  would equal driving around the earth’s equator nearly 8,00,000 times. This is because the biggest impact derives from the weight of these materials, with gravel almost 4,000 times heavier than their nonwoven equivalent. Nonwovens mean a stronger road which can be manufactured with fewer materials. By being lighter, thinner and more resource efficient than gravel, nonwoven geotextiles offer both an environmental benefit, and cost savings to the user.


Additionally, nonwovens can bring a big difference to the amount of food produced, or prevent spoilage, once a crop has been harvested. Nonwoven crop covers can also be used again and again, and by increasing production and limiting damage to agricultural crops, nonwovens ensure that what is grown in the field counts.


EDANA serves more than 240 companies across 36 countries in the nonwovens and related industries, helping its members to design their future. 


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