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Employment generation to fuel garment industry growth in India

Axel Baumanns Product Management and Sales KannegiesserAccording to Axel Baumanns, Product Management and Sales, Kannegiesser, the garment industry in India is suffering. Speaking at the recently held GTE exhibition, he said, “Countries like Bangladesh, which proves to be an ideal manufacturing base for the US and Europe, have picked up business since 1998.”Though other countries have also picked up in garment manufacturing, mass production by US and Europe ensures the quality of these garments.

Bangladesh -an ideal destination for garment manufacturing

However, these garments need to be produced on a mass scale for which Bangladesh proves to be an ideal destination. As these garments don’t have many downtimes, they can be fully automated. “You can’t put fabrics at one end and expect a garment to emerge from another,” says Baumanns. These garments need to be customised to different sizes and preferences. Machines can’t achieve this. They deliver the same result every time.

Job creation to fuel sector development

According to Baumanns, Indians have it in their blood to make garments. “Tailoring shops abroad are run by Indians. However, they need to transfer their abilities to big garmenting companies. Countries like Vietnam and Indonesia have been doing this quite efficiently. However, these countries can’t do high fashion as they are far from the US,” he adds.

However, India is much closer. The country has improved immensely in the last 20 years as people have broadened their mindsets. They are traveling more. However, the country needs jobs which the garment industry can provide. Since sewing is something every woman can do, people can earn money and spend. It is a chain reaction. The more you earn, the more you spend.