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EU looks at Myanmar garment industry with interest

The European Union is helping the Myanmar garment industry boost its productivity. This includes projects to enhance efficiency and quality, reduce waste and energy consumption and improve working environments.

For instance experts from a German textile company have suggested ways to improve production at six factories. A separate mission has seen the installation of production-flow software at some factories. This ensures staff is rewarded according to their performance and allows management to monitor production. The initiative’s aim is to work closely with companies and organisations in the country, building capacity and increasing skills, as well as helping the development of export and marketing strategies for the garment sector.

Specific actions will include a range of training initiatives, including a study tour to Europe for stakeholders, and the identification of showcase companies and benchmarking for best in class companies. Companies looking for alternative low-cost sourcing alternatives to China, combined with the lifting of economic sanctions by the US and Europe, have been looking at Myanmar's clothing industry with interest.

Myanmar’s garment industry is poised to become a major player in the global garment supply chain. The country has had a long history of making yarn, fabric and garment. Myanmar allows 100 per cent foreign investment in the garment industry, as well as joint ventures with existing manufacturers and potential ones.