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Europe turns to secondhand clothing


Reselling platforms are giving clothes a new life. So says Savoo. Among these platforms are Depop, eBay, Asos Marketplace and Vestiaire Collective.

Zara, Nike and Adidas are among Europe’s most sought-after brands for pre-loved clothing.The number of pre-owned Zara items being sold on Depop alone has reached 439,696. Nike comes in second, with 7,447 listings currently active on the Asos marketplace. Adidas has a total of 467,022 listings across the four different marketplaces. H&M has the next most lively resellers market, with 238,677 items listed on Depop making it the app’s fifth most popular second-hand brand. Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret follows in fifth place, with 340,000 listing on eBay.

Finland is the country most interested in pre-owned brands and clothing. The UK ranks in sixth place overall as Europe’s most sustainable shoppers, despite being home to nearly 68 million people.The importance of being sustainable is rising as shoppers have become more aware of their ecological footprint. From food waste to buying secondhand clothes, consumers are not only more conscious of protecting the environment they live in, but are also looking at ways to save money with sustainable practices in light of the cost of living crisis.

Shoppers are making more of an effort to become more environmental-friendly while still looking fashionable, and wasting less at the same time.


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