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Fashion firms adopt eco-friendly initiatives

Amid mounting social criticism, fashion businesses are adopting eco-friendly initiatives to preserve their brand value. Popular brand Stella McCartney, in its 2019 Spring/Summer Collection in Paris, has created an invitation that explains its use of environmentally conscious materials in the format of comics. The brand makes its clothes from sustainable materials such as recycled nylon.

Upcoming brand Marine Serre has used the upcycled method to create a new dress out of unsold clothing and material. Designers, in the current age of clothing abundance, feel no need to use new materials. For them, it is possible to create outstanding clothing with materials already available.

On September 6, Burberry announced it would no longer engage in mass disposal of unsold products. The BBC and other media outlets had reported in July that in fiscal 2017 alone Burberry disposed of products such as clothing and perfume worth about ¥4.2 billion, bringing significant criticism.

The LVMH conglomerate, with 70 brands under its umbrella, touts reducing carbon dioxide emissions and raising the use of renewable energy. H&M will use environmentally conscious materials in all of its products by 2030.