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GFA maps out next level sustainability for fashion industry


Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) is urging fashion leaders to step up their sustainability efforts as the industry grapples with the escalating climate crisis.

To mark the 15th anniversary of its flagship Global Fashion Summit, GFA released a special edition of the Fashion CEO Agenda, a guide for fashion companies to achieve a net positive impact by 2050.

The 2024 edition emphasizes five key areas for improvement:

Integrating sustainability with core business practices.

• Rethinking growth models to reduce resource consumption.

• Engaging consumers in sustainable practices and circular economies.

• Prioritizing worker well-being, diversity, and inclusion.

• Focusing on sustainable materials and production methods.

The Fashion CEO Agenda urges a shift in mindset, challenging traditional norms and metrics of success. It emphasizes collaboration, empathy, and a values-based approach that prioritizes people and the planet.

Federica Marchionni, CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, explained that the Fashion CEO Agenda 2024 aims to empower leaders to confront the challenges of building sustainable businesses. She emphasized the importance of collaboration and prioritizing both people and the planet.

GFA, through its events, programs, and publications, provides resources and best practices for the fashion industry.  They encourage the industry to build on existing knowledge and embrace new opportunities to transform the entire fashion value chain.



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