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Global denim fabric imports up nine per cent

Global denim fabric imports increased 9.4 per cent last year. Bangladesh, with a 25.5 per cent share of total imports, is the leading the pack. Vietnam follows with 7.6 per cent share; Hong Kong has a share of 7.4 per cent, Turkey 7.1 per cent and China’s share is 5.4 per cent.

China has a 42 per cent share of world denim exports. Pakistan has a 11.7 per cent share, India 8.2 per cent, followed by Hong Kong with 7.4 per cent and Turkey 6.8 per cent.

From January to July 2019, Turkey’s denim fabric imports decreased 23.6 percent. Pakistan has the biggest share of denim fabric imports into Turkey. Other countries from where Turkey imports are: Egypt, Italy and Ethiopia. In 2018 Turkey’s denim imports from Ethiopia increased by 58.2 per cent. Turkey exports denim to Germany, Spain, England, the Netherlands and Denmark. But looking at the most important denim market shares in Turkey’s exports in 2018, Tunisia comes first with a 16.2 per cent share, Egypt has a 13.9 per cent share and Italy has a share of 10.3 per cent.