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Global yarn and fabric production decreases 9 per cent in Q1

Global yarn production declined 9 per cent between Q4 of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. Yarn output in Africa declined 13 per cent, in Asia 11 per cent, and in Europe 1.5 per cent. This negated growth in Brazil by 12 per cent and US by 3 per cent. Global yarn stocks also decreased in all regions in Q1 except Brazil, by +1.5 per cent. The biggest reduction occurred in Asia of 6 per cent followed by Europe of 3 per cent and Egypt by 1.5 per cent. Global yarn orders decreased in all countries by 5 per cent on average, except in Japan where it increased by 2 per cent.

The global production of fabrics decreased from Q4’ 17 to Q1 ’18 by 10 per cent at world level. It declined by 12 per cent in Asia, 5 per cent in Africa and 2 per cent in Europe. It increased by 1 per cent in Brazil. South Africa, Pakistan, and Turkey expect an increase in fabric production in Q2/18. All other countries foresee stability or decrease.