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Government calls for industry leaders to invest in Indonesia's supply chain to become a major player in the global market


Indonesia's textile and footwear industries have demonstrated resilience in the face of global economic shocks, achieving a surplus in their trade balance despite recessionary conditions in key export destinations such as the United States and Europe.

The country's Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs reported that the textile and textile products (TPT) industry had a surplus of USD 3.71 billion, up 3.34 percent from the previous period, while the footwear industry achieved a surplus of USD 1.03 billion, a rise of 41 percent compared to 2021.

The high level of exports was driven in large part by sales of Adidas products manufactured in Indonesia. In 2022, the export value of Adidas textile and footwear commodities from Indonesia reached USD 2.54 billion, making the company one of the biggest contributors to the country's overall export performance.

Of the total exports, 33 percent of production was shipped to European countries, amounting to USD 826.6 million. Indonesia's strong economic fundamentals, including a large domestic market and stable political and economic conditions, make it a prime location for the production and export of TPT and footwear products. However, the integration of supply chains remains a key challenge that must be addressed for the industry to continue to thrive.

The government hopes that executives from Adidas and other industry leaders will invest in filling the gaps in Indonesia's supply chain, enabling the country to become a major player in the global textile and footwear industries.


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