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Growing importance of Cellulose fibers boosts sector


The cellulose fiber market has been witnessing strong growth over the past few years. Fibers extracted from natural plants are called as cellulose fabrics whereas fibers extracted from plant pulps are called manufactured cellulose fabrics. Cellulose fibers are extensively used in fabrics, textiles and spun yarn applications. Various chemical and mechanical processes have to be carried out to obtain wood pulp from plants. This extracted wooden pulp is used to obtain different man-made fibers. Rayon and viscose fibers are manufactured cellulose fabrics. Rayon fibers are extensively used in manufacturing curtains and carpets owing to their good absorbing properties. Acetate fibers are used in cigarette filters and apparels on account of their fast drying capability.

The textile industry has emerged as a leading application segment for cellulose fibers. Cellulose fibers are extensively used in the textile industry owing to their superior properties such as environment friendly, skin friendly and bio-degradable properties.

Spun yarn and fabrics are the major markets for cellulose fibers accounting for nearly a 25 per cent global market share. Asia Pacific has emerged as a leading regional market for cellulose fibers over the past few years closely followed by Europe. Asia Pacific holds the major portion of the market share in terms of production and consumption. The strong growth of the textile industry in India and China is the key factor driving the cellulose fiber market in this region.