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Hong Kong fashion brand BYT uses textile waste to create collections

Eco-friendly Hong Kong fashion label BYT wants to make a difference to a wasteful industry in a city with a throwaway culture. It crafts clothing from textile waste and by upcycling and reworking old pieces.

Sustainable fashion has had a bad rap over the years, as designers struggle to create collections that are commercially viable, fashionable and relevant to the consumer. BYT promotes the concept that sustainable fashion is the future and can be marketable and profitable.

As a concept, BYT takes fashion waste, in particular, surplus luxury fabrics, and transforms them into beautiful, affordable clothing using sustainable and socially responsible supply chains. Everything is produced in Asia, using sustainable manufacturers and social enterprises. The collection features several styles based on wardrobe staples such as the biker jacket, trench coat or tailored blazer – all of which have been crafted from fabric waste sourced from luxury brands and suppliers. The look is modern with a twist, allowing each piece to be styled individually depending on the wearer.

The biggest challenge was the fabric. BYT sometimes gets restrictions on certain fabric quantities, which means it has to be creative with design and production to achieve the numbers. BYT is an affordable luxury brand, not a fast fashion brand, so the goal is to make a luxurious and beautiful product using waste.