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IAF Fashion Convention ends on a positive note

The 31st IAF World Fashion Convention held in Istanbul held on October 14, 2015, saw over 700 participants from North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Christophe Auhagen, CBO, Hugo Boss and Gordon Richardson, Creative Director, Topman’s were some keynote speaker among others.

‘Making it Better’, the theme of the convention reflected in all sessions. Following the theme, the 3D digital product development by Hugo Boss was displayed, which drastically reduced the average number of physical samples they need.

Innovative forms of horizontal collaboration to make things better, including shared ‘platforms’ for complex products and shared technological knowledge through informal networks was presented by Ahler’s Jan Hilger. The use of innovative financial instruments can free working capital caught in inventory, creating money for investments improving the supply chain further was showcased by GT Nexus’s Kurt Cavano.

The ability of Turkey to play a major role in fulfilling the industry’s needs for fast response and also by coordinating production outside of Turkey, in neighbouring countries was shown by Achim Berg of McKinsey in a session led by Roland Shuler of Peek & Cloppenburg.

Also, the power of collaboration to improve company’s individual efforts to improve CSR and sustainability was displayed by Han Bekke of Modint, Leyla Ertur of H&M and Murat of Attun of Inditex.