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India, Vietnam lead in underwear exports to the US

US noted a dip in volumes of underwear imports from January to May 2018 by 3.13 per cent. Import was valued at $1,454.81 million a growth of 0.63 per cent on Y-o-Y basis. India and Vietnam lead in underwear imports to the US followed by countries like China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

India shipped 7.34 million dozen of underwear to the US worth $131.37 million marking a growth of 3.07 per cent in value-terms and 10.16 per cent in volume-terms. India marked a profitable period due to high unit prices valued at $17.89 per dozen. This unprecedented growth indicates, India has been able to capture orders of high-end underwear.

Vietnam too posted a solid period as it shipped 18.89 million dozen of underwear fetching $245.59 million, not far behind to the export value of China which clocked $299.57 million and exported 19.33 million dozen of underwear in the US market.

In value and volume of export Vietnam grew by an impressive 12.68 per cent and 1.97 per cent, respectively, while China fell drastically by 4.86 per cent in value and 4.53 per cent in volume. Given the pace of growth, Vietnam is expected to takeover China in underwear export to the US by the end of 2018.

Moving on to Bangladesh, data shows a negative trend as it dipped 3.72 per cent and exported underwear worth $ 119.06 million. The analysis indicates the trend of basic underwear is on an all-time low, while underwear made up from specialised fabrics and manufactured with advanced technologies will surely make a mark in the future.