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Indian cotton crop estimated at 330 lakh bales

The Cotton Association of India has reduced cotton crop output for the 2018-19 season and estimated at 330 lakh bales. Crop estimate for Telangana has been reduced by 2.50 lakh bales, Andhra Pradesh by 50,000 bales and Karnataka by two lakh bales. The main reason for the lower crop is that in the Southern zone farmers have uprooted their cotton plants due to moisture deficiency as a result of which there is no scope for third and fourth pickings.

Total cotton supply till the end of the cotton season, up to September 30, 2019, has been estimated at 380 lakh bales. Domestic consumption is estimated at 316 lakh bales. Exports for the season 2018-19 are estimated at 50 lakh bales. Last year the export estimate was 69 lakh bales. The carryover stock at the end of the 2018-19 season is estimated at 14 lakh bales.

Cotton consumption from October 2018 to January 2019 has been estimated at 105.34 lakh bales while the export shipment of cotton up to January 31, 2019, has been estimated at 24 lakh bales. Stock at the end of January 2019 is estimated at 69.46 lakh bales including 39 lakh bales with textile mills and the remaining 30.46 lakh bales with MNCs, traders, ginners etc.