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Innovative T-shirts, trunks that keeps dry when soaked

People need no longer worry about soaking wet trunks after emerging from a swim. A Toronto-based entrepreneur has come up with a range of swim trunks made from hydrophobic material -- a fabric that repels water. It looks like ordinary swimwear from the outside, but when it is covered in liquid, the garment instantly repels water.


It’s a polyester-blend hydrophobic nanomaterial technology. The technology is thought to work by bonding billions of nanoparticles to individual fibers on a microscopic level. When water-based liquids hit the surface of this material they form a 150-degree sphere and roll off. This fabric has proven to drastically reduce dry-times by up to 95 per cent in contrast to regular 100 per cent polyester swim shorts.


Similarly a student has invented a T-shirt that is impossible to stain. The top can resist any spills and splashes including Coca-Cola, tomato ketchup, mustard, milkshakes, beer, ink and even red wine. The clothing is made from polyester, which has been infused with a combination of chemicals that makes it resistant to water.


The fabric is layered with billions of silica particles. Water-based liquids will form a 150 degree sphere and roll right off. Most liquid molecules will not be able to touch the fabric because of a microscopic layer of air that forms between the liquid and the fabric.


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