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Invista develops eco-friendly spandex

Global fiber producer Invista has introduced a new bio-derived spandex that uses fiber from a renewable source made from dextrose derived from corn. The use of renewable feedstock results in lower Co2 emissions than spandex produced using traditional raw materials. The bio-derived spandex is called T162R. The sustainable spandex fiber, the only commercial offering of its kind, will be available worldwide and for use in a wide variety of apparel fabrics and garments. With this new Lycra brand offering, Invista is providing retailers and manufacturers of stretch fabrics a new spandex fiber option.

Production of commercial quantities is planned for Autumn/Winter 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016 collections. The overall lifecycle of a garment using T162R is the same as a garment using other Lycra fibers, only the fiber contains renewable raw materials.

Invista is limiting production of the fiber to fine deniers and is targeting the active wear and denim segments because these segments have a strong interest in sourcing sustainable materials. The industry now has an option to produce fabrics and garments using a Lycra fiber based on renewable raw materials.

Sustainability topics are becoming increasingly important in the textile and apparel value chain, with growing awareness and building education on the subject at the consumer, brand or retail and mill levels.


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