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Japan shows interest in Indonesia's textile sector

Japan textile industry have expressed willingness to invest for a number of unique fabrics of their innovation to Indonesia.

Director General of Small and Medium Industries (IKM) of Ministry of Industry, Gati Wibawanings says that several Japanese textile industries have come to him and expressed his desire to invest in Indonesian sector.

He further added that a message from a Japanese company from Usawa was received that expressed their desire to build a cotton textile industry with silk quality.

They claim to want to produce fiber (fiber), yarn as well as fabric made from cotton. The technology they found with merebushancurkan cotton was able to produce fiber and yarn and even fabric with silk-like quality when made from cotton.

Usawa company representatives view Indonesia as very suitable for cotton plants because it only has 2 seasons. At present they are ready to build the innovative textile industry to Indonesia.

Gati mentioned that, other companies interested in developing fabric / textiles made from hemp. They are planting hemp on 2 hectares of land in Malang, and if successful, they declare will build fabric fabrics factory in Indonesia.