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Jeanologia launches MissionZero

Jeanologia is launched a new technology solution MissionZero to encourage all textile industry stakeholders to dehydrate and detoxify jeans industry by 2025. The solutions were developed by building an ecosystem of collaborators and helping them produce with zero water and zero discharge.

This disruptive laser and eco technology enables brands to increase productivity, reduce water and energy consumption, while eliminating contaminated waste and harmful emissions, guaranteeing zero pollution.

Jeanologia’s vision is to be the vehicle for transforming our world, generating a positive impact in society through a new way of doing business where the end objective is not focused purely on profit.

To do so, last year it started an ecological income statement through which it measures cubic metres of contaminated water that, thanks to its technology and services, do not go into our rivers and seas. It is Europe’s first company to deliver an income statement of this type.