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Jeanologia to display eco-friendly technologies at Saigon Expo

Jeanologia, the Spanish consultant to the apparel industry is all set to display their latest innovations at the Vietnamese Saigon Textile and Garment Industry Expo along with PPJ its technology partner from Vietnam. Jeanologia is specialised in product and process research and development, and engineering solutions for garment production, owning 73 per cent of the world’s laser production in the jeans wear sector. 

Vietnam is gradually emerging as a center of the world jeans production industry, because China, which had established itself as the largest manufacturer of jeans in the world is busy relocating its production mostly to Vietnam. Jeanologia has designed textile laser machine Flexi HS, which works on jeans, shorts, shirts, jackets and accessories and adapting to the needs of each manufacturer or designer. Flexi HS can operate in either automatic MD mannequin or fixed table. It has also integrated the latest electronic technology to increase marking speed, helping save power will be demonstrated at the exhibition.

Vietnam uses 100 liters of water and 300 grams of chemicals to produce a pair of jeans. With its sustainable technologies, it can not only reduce dangerous practices both for workers and toxic discharges into the environment but also help save million liters of water. With the company’s laser and ozone technologies, it can produce jean using only 30 liters of water and 150 grams of chemicals.

Over last two decades, Jeanologia has been developing ecological textile technologies such as textile laser, oxygen and ozone garments washing and garment softening by nano bubbles. Jeanologia products and solutions are currently being used in more than 45 countries, including México, Colombia, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, India, China, Russia, Japan, Morocco and Bangladesh. Major brands such as Levi’s, Polo Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch, Edwin Japan,  Pepe Jeans, Diesel, Hilfiger Denim, Salsa Jeans, and other large retailers such as GAP, Uniqlo, Zara, use techniques and technologies developed by Jeanologia.



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