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Karl Mayer conducts research on high tenacity materials


Karl Mayer, a German innovative leader for solutions in warp knitting, warp preparation for weaving and technical textiles, has carried an extensive development work on electrically conductive and high tenacity materials which are processed on multibar raschel machines.

Different thread systems can also be combined with warp knitting technology to produce fabrics with a wide variety of properties. Functional yarns in particular can result in exceptional performance profiles. For a long time now, the high-performance models have been making new, chic lace patterns possible for the lingerie and clothing sector. When producing technical articles, functional yarns can be arranged in areas of any shape, size and placement thanks to their diverse potential.

A combination of jacquard and multibar patterning is the prerequisite for the extraordinary patterning possibilities of multibar raschel machines. The split jacquard bars are full set threading and produce a basic structure that can be creatively designed using a single needle motion, while string bars with multibar patterning incorporate additional yarns into the diverse ground structure to add a functionality. The added thread material is supplied by bobbins, so it does not have to be warped onto warp beams.

By directly integrating electrically conductive yarns into warp knitted textiles, functional elements such as sensors, conductors and coils can be incorporated very easily, without any additional production steps or compromising the textile characteristics. Karl Mayer’s product manager, Sophia Krinner, has already investigated the possibilities as part of Textile-Circuit. Silvercoated filaments such as Elitex, Silvertech, Shieldex and Agsis were used for the work. Even fine insulated metal filaments and metallised yarns like Elitex TPU and Percon isolated could be used depending on flexibility and diameter.