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Karl Mayer develops lace raschel machines

Karl Mayer has developed a series of lace raschel machines committed to beauty and efficiency as well as denim technology from a single source. An improved Jacquardtronic lace machine focuses on patterning diversity. On the MT 51/1/32 machine it is possible to produce the typically Textronic fall plate effects in a more complex and elaborate way. The new pattern beam warper PBW 130"/2 can produce pattern beams with laps that combine a long running length with identical diameters. In this way, it is possible to tap the full potential during the subsequent processing on lace raschel machines.

The ball warper is characterized by a controlled, exact and gentle joining of the yarns to ropes and by a careful lap formation. The laps show an entirely parallel build-up and are of high quality. The long chain beamer joins ropes to warp beams, offering perfect manufacturing quality, high efficiency and easy handling.

All these machines will be displayed by Karl Mayer at ITMA ASIA + CITME, June 16 to 20, 2014. In addition visitors can also get to see the dye trough Variobox and model of the indigo dye-sizing machine Indig-O-Matic. The warp preparation unit will be presented as a competent full-range supplier of the denim technology.



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