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Kenya lobbying against America's trade deal with Asian states

Fearing losing its current preferential access under African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa), Kenya is lobbying against the planned Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) between US and 12 Asian states. The country joined other trade ministers from African countries at this year's Agoa forum in Washington to urge the US government to reconsider the move as it will make the goods coming from Africa uncompetitive in the market.

Trade Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo preferences that Kenya enjoys will be eroded once the US enters into trade agreements with other states outside Africa. He maintained by saying that other trade agreements such as the Transpacific Partnership Agreement that the US is planning would affect the goods that are currently enjoying preferential rates to America.

TPP eliminates or reduces all tariffs on goods traded between partner countries. The TPP agreement would abolish many of these tariffs. Kiptoo notes that it would be difficult for Kenya to compete with countries such as Vietnam and other Asian states that are part of the TPP agreement and a big producer of the textile goods.