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Lectra launches latest PLM Solution

Lectra, the technological partner for companies using fabrics and leather, has launched its latest PLM solution, Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0. Boasting of several new features and tools, Lectra helps fashion companies to work in a smarter and more agile manner in an IT-friendly environment.

The latest PLM solution - Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0, has Lectra Easy Connect, a series of pre-configured connectors that allow the solution to interface with other IT systems such as ERP and CRM. These connectors ensure data integrity by facilitating a smooth and consistent flow of data between internal and external supply chain actors. Lectra has also enhanced connection to the design process by strengthening Adobe Illustrator integration via a new plug-in. It has enhanced the user experience by making its PLM solution highly configurable.

A star feature is Lectra Easy Configure, a tool that allows users to manage and organise data according to their own profile, company organisation and data structure to ensure easy and round-the-clock access. This enables companies to become more agile, as users can access and analyse their data whenever they need to, quickly and without technical hiccups. Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 streamlines day-to-day activities via an updated interface with new search and notification functions, and a dynamic and configurable portfolio view that allows users to monitor and direct collections with the help of dynamic data display.