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Lenzing develops new web technology

Lenzing has developed a new technology platform. The web technology is a nonwoven web formation process that starts with botanic wood pulp and produces a nonwoven fabric made of 100 per cent continuous Lyocell filament.

This web can be integrated with standard non-thermal based nonwoven bonding technologies, such as hydroentangling and needle punching. The technology enables a unique self-bonding mechanism where filaments bond into a fabric during the laydown process. This self-bonding mechanism enables a product range with a much wider variety of surface textures, drapeability and dimensional stability than other nonwoven technologies utilizing 100 per cent cellulosic fibers.

The flexibility of the technology and the possible integration with other nonwoven and textile technologies will enable the development of a broad range of composite structures for highly engineered end use applications. Consumers have become more aware of the negative impact of plastics in waterways and marine ecosystems. The new Lenzing web technology will enable the value chain to create more innovative applications out of natural, biodegradable cellulose materials.

The web technology is a perfect example of Lenzing’s testament for strategic growth and its commitment to developing new breakthrough innovations by providing more sustainable products to consumers. The nonwoven segment currently represents 30 per cent of Lenzing’s core business.