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Levi’s releases capsule

Levi’s has teamed with Wardrobe.NYC to offer Release 04 Denim, a men’s and women’s capsule collection centered around essential denim garments.

Release 04 Denim offers two bundles, a four-piece collection and an eight-piece collection. Each collection is based on classic staples and washes that transcend seasons. The women’s four-piece bundle offers a white T-shirt, double breasted blazer, Levi’s vintage western shirt and 501 jeans. The eight-piece range adds a ribbed tank, trench coat, a boxy denim jacket and the choice between a midi or a mini jean skirt. The four-piece bundle for men also offers a blazer, T-shirt, denim shirt and 501 jeans. The expanded wardrobe includes a trench coat, knit sweater, jean jacket and denim shorts.

Levi’s is a legacy denim brand. Through this venture, Levi’s aims at building a better wardrobe. Wardrobe.NYC was launched in 2017 and aims at providing consumers luxury-quality pieces. Previous collections by Wardrobe.NYC have focused on tailoring, sport and street wear.

Bundling high quality pieces with the potential for various combinations taps into a larger trend that stretches far beyond the fashion industry: minimalism. Today’s fashion consumer is scaling back and downsizing because of fashion’s impact on climate change and the general concept of using ethics to guide brand loyalties.