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Mango opens new distribution centre

Spanish fashion brand Mango opened a new new logistics centre in Llicà d’Amunt, a picturesque town outside Barcelona. Approximately 600 people work six days a week at this highly automated facility, where around 400 operations are machine-driven, to process items for store deliveries.

The company has so far invested €232 million in the 186,000-sq. mt. facility, which can stock up to 7 million hung garments and 20 million folded garments and accessories at the same time. It was completed in 2016 but became fully operational last summer. By incorporating the latest automation technologies, the centre is able to process 75,000 garments an hour, tripling the retailer’s former capacity.

As soon as hung garments arrive at Llicà d’Amunt, they are unloaded onto one of nine automatic loading bays, which can process 27,000 garments an hour. Each bay is equipped with a classifier that separates the garments by size and style. They then travel along a 24-kilometre rail to be shipped out to stores or held in the warehouse. According to Mango, its hanging garment installation is one of the most automated in Europe.

On the opposite side of the logistics centre are automatic loading docks that can process 1,000 boxes of folded garments and accessories per hour. The boxes are passed through a weighing and labelling area and identified with a tracking ID so they can be located at any time. Like the hung garment area, the folded garment warehouse prepares boxes to be either shipped or stored based on in-store sales information.