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Medical nonwoven textiles set to grow

Nonwoven textiles play a significant role in the medical sector. The product range includes surgical gowns, masks and other wearable products; surgical drapes, pads; dressings; filtration materials; and implantable textiles such as tissue scaffolds for rebuilding internal organs. Most nonwoven products used outside the body are disposable, single-use articles that have the advantage of not requiring sterilization or cleaning for reuse. However, there are some that can be reused to provide the required function over a limited period of time.

In North America, disposable nonwoven market is expected to grow at a 5 per cent rate. Medical nonwovens in the United States have a share of 9 per cent in the total nonwovens market. Absorbent hygiene has a 21 per cent share, wipes have a 17 per cent share and filtration has a 11 per cent share. Nonwoven products such as under pads, adult incontinent products, face masks, sterile wraps and packages and health care related wipes will be in demand, which will push the sector towards growth trajectory.

Nanofibers are becoming very popular for medical textiles used to filter viruses and bacteria. New fiber and processing technologies as well as collaborative, multidisciplinary efforts will contribute to ongoing product development and further market growth.


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