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Mitsubishi launches Soalon, a unique fibre

Mitsubishi Rayon Group, a renowned synthetic acrylic and acetate fibre manufacturer develops polyester fibre and polypropylene fibre for carpet, clothing products etc. It has recently launched a unique fibre called ‘Soalon’. Soalon is a semi-synthetic fibre derived from cellose but excels in thermal setting characteristics. The pleats are kept after repeated washing. Soalon is classified into semi-synthetic fibre and triacetate ‘Soalon’ is made from hightly pulified wool pulp and acetic acid. It has natural beauty and yet has many functions achieved by highly advanced technology.

Soalon features are its low refractive index and random grooves on the surface of the filament. Random grooves, diffuse light and gives a refined sheen and its low refractive index creates vivid colour development. The raw material used in Soalon is wood pulp. Soalon has high moisture content compared to synthetic fabrics. As a result, it causes less unpleasant static electricity and gives a gentle touch to the skin. When Soalon releases sweat and dampness, it takes away the heat of vaporization around it. The fabric itself is cooled, maintaining coolness inside clothing and gives a comfortable feeling.

Soalon is made from trees, which gives it higher moisture content compared to synthetic fabrics. This means that ‘Soalon’ causes less unpleasant static electricity and gives a gently touch to the skin. It has moderate firmness and resilience.


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