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Nepali designers making the most of growing overseas demand

Many new Nepali designers have joined the garment business of late. Due to a competitive advantage, they enjoy owing to lower production costs at home, their business prospects are good and they are gradually expanding to overseas markets. They often receive orders from Nepalis living abroad and supply to countries like Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Singapore, and Japan.

The clientele that orders designer clothes ranges from celebrities to regular customers who would love to flaunt their clothes at events, parties and other occasions. While a single costume of international designers could cost from 1000 to 1500 dollars, clothes of Nepali designers are available at much lower prices. Considering its prospects, many students are now studying and entering the field of fashion designing.

At the moment party dresses like lehangas and saris are trending. However, there is no textile company in Nepal that produces the exclusive fabrics that designers need. Nepali textile companies produce only dhaka and cotton fabrics, which is why designers have to import fabrics from other countries. They are focusing on mass production with marginal profit, keeping a long-term vision for sustainable business growth. The profit margin fluctuates most of the time.