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New denim spray ‘OrganIQ Bleach’ replaces potassium permanganate

The used look on denim garments is produced using potassium permanganate. However, potassium permanganate as a substance is particularly dangerous to the environment. It contains manganese, a heavy metal and not biodegradable. The CHT Group now presents OrganIQ Bleach an ecological alternative to potassium permanganate. This is an organic bleaching agent, free from heavy metals and chlorine and completely biodegradable. OrganIQ Bleach doesn’t contain persistent substances. Compared to potassium permanganate and chlorine bleach, neutralisation is not needed, just rinsing at the end of the process. The waste water is not polluted with toxic substances.

OrganIQ Bleach has excellent ecological bleaching properties and a good reproducibility. Technicians and designers from famous brands consider it to be even better, cleaner and with more contrasts than potassium permanganate. The slower reaction speed of OrganIQ Bleach compared with potassium permanganate and chlorine proves to be particularly decisive for getting a really sensational bleaching result. After all, it is especially this property that allows for achieving excellent, reproducible bleaching results while making enormous savings in water, time and energy.

Treatment does not take longer than a common stonewash but less subsequent steps are required. Average pick-up of garments is 25 per cent and there is practically no risk of damage to stretch denim.