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Pakistan footwear exports up 22 per cent

Pakistan's volume of footwear exports increased 22.6 per cent in August. Value of footwear exports increased 14.2 per cent. >Leather footwear was 91.6 per cent of the total value of exported footwear, thus registering an increase in the volume (45.9 per cent) and value (18.2 per cent) of exports.

Leather footwear drove 90.7 per cent of sales performance, increasing by 12.24 per cent during the first two months of the year. Exports from other footwear categories saw a decline in volume by 13.7 per cent and a decline in value by 14.7 per cent. Canvas shoes also saw a double digit decline in volume and value similar to last year.

Pakistan’s tanning industry produces high quality finished leather from hides as well as skins. Pakistan has inherited a centuries old craftsmanship of shoe making and hand crafted footwear with thick leather used in uppers and soles and special stitching process is exported in huge quantities. Skills are blended with technology to produce highly attractive styles, designs and shapes that are comfortable and durable and have great universal appeal.

The country produces footwear to cater to the needs of a variety of customers – -men and women, boys and girls, business executives and bureaucrats, squash and hockey players, cricketers and footballers, mountaineers and foresters, policemen and soldiers, specially designed footwear for the disabled.