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Pakistan organises TExpo in Lahore

Pakistan organised the second edition of Textile Expo (TExpo) in Lahore from April 11 to 14. Hundreds businesspeople and foreign delegates from nearly 50 countries were invited to support market expansion plan. Through the exhibition, Pakistan expected to expand its exports to new markets, including Asian countries, mainly Japan and Indonesia.

Known as one of the biggest textile exporters, Pakistan plans to further expand its markets to the European countries, the United States and other Asian countries, including Indonesia. At present, the country exports most of its textile and garments to European countries and the US.

The world's fourth-largest cotton producer, Pakistan has the potential to become a leading nation in the textile business, although such potential has yet to be optimally explored, The country is the eighth-largest exporter of textile commodities in Asia, with exports growing to $13.85 billion in 2017-2018. The country aims to raise the figure to $26 billion by the end of 2019 by expanding into non-traditional markets such as Indonesia.

Pakistani textile products are considered to be of better quality compared to products from other countries. Many of the country's diaspora are also known for their involvement in running textile businesses in their respective countries.