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Preview In Seoul focuses on functional and eco-friendly textile

Preview in Seoul 2013held from September 4 to 6, 2013 at Hall B, in Samsung-dong, Seoul, Korea showcased new textile materials for the future growth engines, creating opportunities for discussions between business partners.

The exhibition focused on introducing various and differentiated functional and eco-friendly textiles, as well as patented materials. Many submitted products satisfied functionality, eco-friendliness, and reinforced fashion characteristics. Nearly 69 famous textile companies from 10 nations to enter in Korean market participated at the event.

Functional materials including moisture proof laminating materials, heat insulation, high-density thin fabrics, and UV blocking materials were augmented in this exhibition. The competitiveness of international participants was reinforced, too. Austria's Lenzingknown for its eco-friendly new materials, participated in the exhibition for three consecutive years. Everest, a Taiwanese company specialized for overall functional textiles, and Toyobo Japan, a leader in the development of new synthetic composite material, participated for the first time.

Nearly 41 Chinese textile companies including Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fiber participated with an eye on the Korean market. Various companies from Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, etc. showedcased their embroidery fabrics to outdoor functional materials, and demonstrated their price competitiveness as well the quality and technology.

The ‘Trend Forum Hall’ showing participants' various materials and the newest trends suggested buyers the possibilities in using various materials, and reinforced its index and visual functions through composing patent materials, collaboration (material company + designer), fashion products, and Small Order Zone. Small Order Zone was established for small quantity orders with low pricing to provide buyers opportunities to use various products.

In a symposium inviting fashion professional groups, PFIN offered 2014's SS Creative Trend Seminar to suggest the overall design directions for colours and fabrics in 2014's SS, while Fashion in Trend opened the five strategies to lead the outdoor fashion market with the agenda, the Challenge of Outdoor Fashion Companies.

Apart from luxury brands from the US and Europe, giant fashion groups, general import and export companies, garment makers and other important buyers from Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong visited the exhibition. Studio Paglaiai visited PIS to import Korean high quality fashion material to the mid to high pricing market in Italy. Kusilas showed a great deal of interest in eco-friendly materials and embroideries.Hengyuan (Group) from China visited the expo to research the quality and the design competitiveness of Korean materials to launch its women's wear brand. Fazeya Group actively discussed with Korean material companies according to the policy to use Korean materials for their renewal plan of 200 or more shops.


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