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Puma to expand textile recycling innovation Re:Fibre to replace polyester


Prominent sports brand Puma, is actively contributing to the reduction of the fashion industry's reliance on plastic bottles for polyester. The company is expanding its textile recycling innovation, Re:Fibre, to replace recycled polyester in all its football club and Federation replica jerseys.

Since its launch in 2022, Re:Fibre technology has been instrumental in the production of recycled training jerseys for Puma's football clubs. In the coming year, Puma plans to extend the use of Re:Fibre to manufacture all its football replica jerseys, including those designed for prestigious tournaments such as the Euro and Copa América. These jerseys will be made from recycled materials sourced from old garments and factory waste, aligning with Puma's commitment to reducing textile waste and establishing a sustainable, long-term recycling solution.

Anne-Laure Descours, Chief Sourcing Officer at Puma, emphasizes the brand's goal to achieve 100 per cent polyester production from textile waste. Puma aims to streamline its sustainability initiatives and enhance transparency by releasing a video with computer-generated imagery. This video will guide consumers through the Re:Fibre process, providing insights into the molecular chemistry at work during the recycling process.

By implementing these initiatives, Puma is not only contributing to environmental conservation by reducing dependence on plastic bottles but also educating consumers about the sustainability efforts and processes involved in their products. This marks a positive shift towards more responsible and eco-friendly practices within the sports and fashion industry.



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